A Closer Look: Fates of the Bound

Where Did I Get the Idea for the Fates of the Bound Series?

A Closer Look

Many moons ago, I wrote down a backstory/flashback sequence that had gotten stuck in my head. It began with armed men, barging into a young family’s home. The parents hid their daughter, a five-year-old girl who had been blessed with the sight. She would have become the oracle one day for her city.

In the world she inhabited, oracles didn’t have normal childhoods. They served their villages as some sort of mix between a pastor, leader, general, and judge. They also didn’t have much freedom. Think of child stars. We’re talking about that level of craziness and press. Since her parents wanted her to have a normal childhood, they had taken her away and hid her, electing to have her decide if she wanted to take up the oracle’s position after she came of age.

The armed men had other plans.

That was the first writing I did on Fates of the Bound. After a few chapters, I stopped to flesh out the world this character would inhabit, jotting down about fifteen pages of typed notes. I knew I wanted a matriarchal society because I wanted to populate the story with a lot of confident female characters. I also wanted to flip some of the stereotypes/tropes we have about men in romance novels. At some point, I had this image of one character in particular I wanted to add, a militia chief who gets thrown into the oracle’s world. I knew she would be the bridge between the families and the oracles, I just didn’t know how.

Then I realized I was way more excited about Lila Randolph than my original idea.


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