Works in Progress for August 2017

Works in Progress for August 2017

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I’ve spent most of my time doing three things this August: hiding from the Texas sun, imbibing copious amounts of fruit smoothies whenever I could not, and converting five short stories into a novel. The genre is paranormal romance, and it’s set in the Old West at the turn of the century.

Mages and demons and revolvers abound!

So do gorgeous Victorian dresses, corsets, petticoats, and *gasp* bloomers (obviously, I mean, it IS a romance).

At least this time I have narrowed my genre mash to TWO genres, rather than four. :p

The novel follows the fashionable Rose Jessup and her sister Lilian, two powerful mages who travel through the South capturing demons as familiars (so long as they aren’t too dangerous) or banishing them to the demon realm. This trip, they meet their match when another demon hunter stumbles across their path.

A handsome demon hunter, of course.

When will I publish this one? Hrmm…good question. I do have a slot free in October if my fingers unclench from the draft by then. Otherwise, I might just release it early next year. I’d like to turn this one into a series of short novels, but I’m not sure about the interest level in such a weird mix of genres.

In any case, I also finished a last read through of my new science fiction romance novelette, “The Becoming of the Twenty,” and published it earlier this month. I plan to write more novelettes and novellas about Magnolia Station, the Ecliptic, and the fallout from Lune’s choice. If all goes well, I’m going to start a new one either this weekend or early next week!

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